Who is bachelorette jillian dating regina hall dating

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Harris also blogged about the news, writing how it was the most "wonderful" post she had ever written.stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding and said that even though she and Pasutto have been together for four years, getting engaged isn't a priority for them."I'm not proposing to myself, but I know that I made it very clear to Justin when we first got together that this is kind of the year we might be looking at having a family," she told us.

“I can’t remember a time where my heart has been SO full,” Harris, 36, captioned an adorable shot of her and Pasutto (and their dog, Nacho! But truth be told, I could have gotten knocked up with his baby on that second date and I probably would have been over the moon… ok MAYBE too soon, but I WAS smitten.” The reality star, who writes she “waited patiently for Justin to ‘catch up’ in age” until he was ready for fatherhood, says she and her beau decided together 36 “would be primetime” — and ‘lo and behold, the timing worked out perfectly!(circa 2009), is expecting her first child with boyfriend Justin Pasutto.She’s about 16 weeks along, and the couple are absolutely [email protected] on the other hand, it’s quite sure what that means for him but he’s excited too.” So everyone has been waiting and waiting and waiting and frankly I'm tired of everyone telling me to lock it up… So I came up with the best invention ever for the love of my life. Words can't express how lucky and blessed we feel to introduce a new life into ours and that our wish has finally come true. I promise I will be a good big brother but how does this affect our sleeping arrangements??? “I think that’s opened my heart to love more.” “When I met Justin, there were so many things I’d learned and so many things I’d gotten out of my system,” she [email protected] on the other hand, isn't quite sure what that means for him but he's excited too. “It’s so hard when you’re going through a tough time, you just want to punch people when they say things are going to work out.

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