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Lawson’s spokeswoman Valerie Warycha said there is a simple explanation for why some voters might be listed as over the age of 110.

She said some people, including judges or those who have taken out orders of protection, have their dates of birth listed in the year 1900 as a means of protecting their identities.

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Simply visit your local BMV license branch to register.Even in countries where registration is the individual's responsibility, many reformers, seeking to maximize voter turnout, argue for a wider availability of the required forms, or more ease of process by having more places where they can register.The United States, for example, the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 ("Motor Voter Law") and similar laws require states to offer voter registration at motor vehicle departments (driver's license offices) as well as disability centers, public schools, and public libraries, in order to offer more access to the system.You can do so online or by phone at (866) IN-1-VOTE. Indiana makes it easy for military, overseas, and out-of-state residents (such as college students) to register to vote.Valid IN driver's licenses and identification cards, as well as U. If you are a military member or dependent stationed out of the state, or you're an IN resident currently overseas, you can use the Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application (Form 76).

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