Dan levy dating jessi cruickshank

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“She’s incredibly deserving and I really hope she wins.

She is associated with several news networks like MSNBC, NBC, and FOX News Channel.

Our goal was to cut a funny piece for tv in the morning, period, and we hoped that Michael Phelps would have the sense of humour to play along. His people refused, he refused, he looked scared and uncomfortable, he agreed only to the photo and nothing else, and he shrank away as soon as the picture was taken. She stood next to him, smiled, posed normally for the first shot, and then puckered her mouth, turned her face towards him, and tried to lean in. That’s when Jessi and I started getting death stares from his people.

So when Jessi and Dan arrived I had to eat the failure. For the rest of the night, they called us “the kissing girls”, like somehow Jessi and I could damage his fins. We ended up with a good story anyway for Olympic Morning, we made fun of ourselves, and we suggested to Phelps that he might want to grow a sense of humour. Perhaps Michael Phelps doesn’t know any better, because, given how much time he must devote to swimming and stuffing food down his gullet, he hasn’t had the opportunity to hang out with any Asians and, therefore, can’t tell us apart?

Lainey not only refutes that she’s the same woman who gave Lago the bronzejob, but she also tells her side of the story behind the “alleged” Phelps make-out attempt. I am the person now being accused of getting Scotty Lago kicked out of Vancouver.

I am the person Michael Phelps believed was trying to set them both up. Here’s what went down: Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy from MTV’s The Aftershow and I were assigned to party duty during the Olympics for Olympic Morning on CTV. So the three of us, we were invited to attend the Omega party hosted by Michael Phelps. I didn’t approach Phelps in some seedy f-cking bar and corner him and force myself onto his lap.

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