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“We looked for inspiration from James Blake, Nicolas Jaar, and APPARAT in keeping the music minimal and modern but still working as a textural and emotional extension of the lyrics.” Conveniently, Fink is married to Todd Fink of the celebrated electronica band THE FAINT, so they didn’t have to look far for a guide into digital territory.“We enlisted my husband and Andy Le Master (BRIGHT EYES, NOW IT’S OVERHEAD) as our dream team,” says Fink.And look, this can’t possibly be a review of the source material. “Yeah, ‘Silent Night’ could really use a middle eight," “‘Away in a Manger’ is second tier Yule-wave”, “‘Blue Christmas’ is some navel-gazing, ‘woe is me’ bullshit”? Beyond Oberst’s shivering vocal affectations, Bright Eyes songs occur in stuffy, artificially heated apartments, parents’ houses or the dark, empty expanses of corn fields at night.It’s not even a question about whether Oberst, Taylor or anyone else involved here can do anything (and really that of Saddle Creek) made this fact irrelevant, as Oberst and producer Mike Mogis always managed to allow their surroundings to infiltrate the music in a palpable way. It’s no different here, as often sounds like a field recording from chilly church basements or the dark, flat expanses of the Midwestern plains, barren, frozen, howling winds in the distance and the occasional flicker of light coming from Christmas decorations.This August will mark the 15th anniversary of, , the fourth full-length from Oberst’s band Bright Eyes.The album, released in August 2002 via Saddle Creek, is anchored by the single “Lover I Don’t Have to Love.” Bright Eyes’ seventh studio album, won a Grammy award at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Recording Package.

Royal Oak Music Theatre is located at 318 West 4th Street in Royal Oak, Michigan.The raven-haired duo, who met and began playing music together at fifteen years old in Birmingham, revived the band in 2010 after a seven-year hiatus to release the full-length , we focused on revisiting the very first AZURE RAY record.That approach facilitated Orenda and I bringing our sound together stylistically and emotionally after working so many years apart,” explains Taylor. Seems like a straightforward proposition, but stop for a second and consider the extremely different meanings of “a Bright Eyes Christmas album” eleven years after the fact, particularly in light of its limited initial rollout.Is it a Bright Eyes album Christmas, with all the attendant, splenetic Oberst-isms about familial disappointment, empty capitalism, the futility of love and abject loneliness?

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