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Nowadays, you need to provide a range of features such as hashing, routine change of passwords, preventiion of repeat passwords, email confirmation, auto-generation of random passwords and password quality checks. Admittedly the topic of this article may not sound particularly enticing at first.It doesn’t refer to any new cool framework or a technology I’d want to advertise; it doesn’t even refer to any buzzwords in vogue these days.The Access to My SQL migration process involves the following steps: If you have not already created a My SQL database, you can do so within your Fasthosts control panel.Download and install Bull Zip Access to My SQL from The data migration may take several minutes depending on the size of your Access database.The installation wizard will place an icon in your Windows Start Menu or on your Desktop. Before you continue you should log in to your My SQL database and ensure that the data has been copied across correctly.If you have one or more web scripts on your website that connect to your Microsoft Access database, you will need to update them to connect to the My SQL database instead.

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In my case, I was updating a My SQL database with 45000 lines, from a CSV file, with far too many columns.There was a lot of processing for each record, and the data had to be checked "backwards and forwards".The Need Before you implement this code, make sure you actually need it.Currently this SQL Cheat Sheet only contains information for My SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and some limited information for ORACLE and Postgre SQL SQL servers.Some of the samples in this sheet might not work in every situation because real live environments may vary depending on the usage of parenthesis, different code bases and unexpected, strange and complex SQL sentences.

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