Dating festival

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There are more than a dozen bed & breakfast and small hotels and inns near the festival but they tend to fill up early.

Researchers from Leiden University’s medical school are carrying out dna checks at this year’s Lowlands festival to find out if dna dating could be a realistic option. The answer is in your dna,’ according to a promo text for the research on the Lowlands website. One month later, couples will hear if they are meant to be together and singles will be offered the contact information of their perfect match.

The festival now over 150 years old attracts up to 60000 people from all over the world, who come for the music, the dancing and the ‘craic’.

Dancing takes place in venues all over town and in the newly reopened Spa Wells.

Ultimately, the researchers hope to win more attention for the current developments in dna research.

‘Things are moving very quickly and there are a lot of ethical issues,’ researcher Karin van der Tuin told broadcaster NOS.

One thing to note; candles and canvas don’t make for a very romantic combination (we promise, this isn’t the kind of fire you’re after! DO start somewhere local There are less romantic things to do than sit in traffic on a sunny day, so consider finding a festival that’s close to home.

If you’re not here for the matchmaking, consider it an aerobic festival.That’s not something you’ll get the benefit of in your local Italian, so feel free to enjoy the good vibes.DO stick to the smaller stages if you want to chat Unless you think yelling over the latest headliner makes for great romance, you might want to seek out the smaller tents and stages for something a little more intimate (or talkative).The Spa Hotel was the centre around which this little village developed due to the mineral waters rich in iron, sulphur, and magnesium.If you’re unlucky in love, you’re lucky there’s a place to pamper yourself. Whether you’re mated or not, you’ll appreciate the rugged beauty of the Irish coast.

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