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Hi all, Cross faction raiding has been a hot topic lately within the player community and has been discussed by many people on Discord.

As a result of these discussions and internal discussions withi...

This will also include being able to PVP against your own faction. Apologies for the downtime, we are still working tirelessly to restore stability to the Hellfire II realm.

In the meantime we have the realm running on spare hardware which we hope will suffice in the...

Prevent trigger from gaining threat from beneficial spell casts, getting stuck in a "gaining threat but cannot attack, reset" situation.

Crossfaction raiding will be enabled allowing you to raid with Alliance & Horde players.

In addition to this, we decided to reduce the required reputation for Heroic Dungeons from "Revered" to "Honored".

WTF Once you have located the file open with Notepad You Should see For EU Clients: set realmlist eu.logon.set patchlist eu.version.set realmlistbn "" set portal eu For US clients: set realmlist us.logon.set patchlist us.version.set realmlistbn "" set portal us For US PTR client set realmlist logon.set patchlist us.version.set realmlistbn "" set portal public-test For Beta set realmlist public-beta.logon.set patchlist us.version.set realmlistbn "" set portal public-beta Next, Find the Realmlist you want to change it too.

--------------------------------------------------------------- Example. For one of the most poplar private servers the Realmlist is this Credits to this realmlist Eternion-wow- Wow Private Servers - World of Warcraft Private Servers.

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