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Those more expressive of the traits linked with the serotonin system tend to observe social norms instead, as well as follow rules, respect authority, stick to plans and habits, and be good with numbers: the Meanwhile, those predominantly expressive of the traits linked with testosterone tend to be analytical, direct, decisive, tough-minded, and good at engineering, mechanics or other spatial/mathematical tasks: the Last, those particularly expressive of the estrogen system tend to see the big picture, as well as be imaginative, intuitive, good with people, linguistically skilled, empathetic and emotionally expressive: the .But even though I meticulously studied the scientific literature to collect the suite of traits linked with each of these four biological systems, then carefully assembled these traits into a questionnaire, and have now collected questionnaire data on some 13 million members of and, I needed to prove that my questionnaire actually measured these four biological systems. Lucy Brown and other colleagues, I gave my questionnaire to 17 newlyweds and 17 long-married people; then we put them in the brain scanner.The belief that the future will be much better than the past and present is known as the optimism bias.A recent Time Magazine article by Tali Sharot examines this bias.I noticed it — and so did my friends and family — and it was a big reason why those relationships ultimately ended. It’s messy, it’s snotty, it’s those big splashy tears and red-faced sighs that’ll make you think I’m having a panic attack.

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We are all well aware that our generation's way of dating is unique.

, my colleagues and I have taking a step toward understanding ourselves—and our future. As you may know, I designed a personality questionnaire on to measure the personality traits linked with four basic biological systems.

Those highly expressive of the traits linked with dopamine tend to seek novelty; they are also curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic, mentally flexible and enthusiastic, what I call the .

We communicate through screens, easily hide our true feelings and participate in a series of never-ending games.

More so, we have pre-configured mindsets on love and dating.

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