Xbox not updating 2016

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We've already had a play - here's everything you need to know before you hit that download button.This means there’ll be one single Windows Store, where you can buy and download apps and games across your phone, tablet, computer and Xbox.

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It's on its way though and you'll see it appear in the next few weeks. Xbox One owners not on the Preview program will get the update in a month or so.

When Microsoft switched the Xbox One's operating system to Windows 10, it was touted that Cortana - the voice assistant used by many on PC and Windows Phone - was also coming to the console. For those who already use voice commands with their console, there will be significant changes.

Developers can make games for one single platform, then play them on any device running Windows 10.

Rather excitingly, this means being able to buy games on your Xbox, and then play them on your PC, mobile or tablet, and vice-versa.

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