Dating for a year advice

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A lot of us promise ourselves that we’ll steer clear of the chocolates, cut the caffeine and ban the biscuits, but have you ever considered making New Year’s resolutions that will change your dating experiences for the better? Making the first move might seem like a bold move, but do it right and you could soon find yourself dating someone special.

She said that a boy who didn’t ask you to go steady after a couple dates was probably bad news.

It’s 2017, and for those of us who are single and searching, it can be tempting to wish for a bygone era.

Inundated by matchmaking apps and the harsh side effects of the hookup culture, where do we look for real wisdom when it comes to romance?

Most days, it’s hard to imagine there are any similarities between our modern dating dilemmas and what our grandparents went through when they were our age. I sat down and talked to my grandma, Mimi—while Papa occasionally contributed from the background—to ask them about dating in their day.

Mimi and Papa have been happily married for more than fifty years.

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