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Chair, Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics. Richard Burke, esq., the Assistant Commissioner, in a very lurid manner laid before the board a statement of the affairs of the union up to the present time, and pointed out such things as were considered necessary for their guidance in its future management. Foster were appointed as a committee to manage and report upon the industrial department of the Workhouse. Lot 109 is an extensive district on Roundstone Bay, bounded on two sides by the Atlantic, with good natural advantages for a harbour at Roundstone. Monday evening a dispute took place in Nenagh, between Mr Meagher, of Ballybeg, near Toomevara and Mr. BIRTHS At Ballymoyer Glebe, county Armagh, the Lady of the Rev. Every precaution was taken by the police to guard against any collisions. BALLINA PETTY SESSIONS- Captain Atkinson was the only magistrate in attendance yesterday. Surely the complete success of the experiment should stimulate to increased exertions for the furtherance of this scheme, though the expense may be a little more than was at first calculated upon:- Poor Law Commission Office. Sirs- I am directed by the Commissioners for administering the the Laws for Relief of the Poor in Ireland, to the Ballina Union, that the Commissioners have received a communication from the Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners from which it appears that the orphan girls who emigrated from that union to "Port Phillip", in September 1848, by the ship, "Lady Kenaway," conducted themselves with great propriety during the voyage, and speedily obtained situations in the Colony, with good wages; and that their subsequent conduct has been spoken of in satisfactory terms. To the Clerk of the Ballina Union, The following are the names of the emigrats; the names and residences of the person by whom they are employed; and the rate of salary:- Biddy Browne; Mr. The financial state of the union was by no means satisfactory owing to the calamity of the times through which they had just passed notwithstanding the assistance they had had from the very large grants of the British Relief Association and the Society of Friends. The usual routine of business being then gone through the board adjourned to that day week. It comprehends two islands, and on the main land four townlands and the district and town of Roundstone, the latter consisting of upwards of seventy well-built slated houses, with garden and closes adjoining. Martin, the right of holding four fairs annually, and one weekly market at this town. Sub-Inspector Hill and a number of his men were out all night of the 4th, patrolling the country in various directions, having heard that the Ribbonmen from Cooly, Meath, and Armagh, were determined to assemble on an "eligible sight" to be ready to oppose with pitchfork, pike, and musket, the Orangemen and women, should they resolve of walking. After hearing a few cases out of the civil book he adjourned the court. I am at the same time to enclose an extract from a return enclosed in the communication which the Commissioners have received from the Emigration Office, showing the disposal of the girls on their arrival in the Colony. He alluded in very favourable terms to the exertions of their predecessors, the Vice-Guardians, in the very trying difficulties they had to encounter, and concluded by expressing his confidence in the present board. CASTLEBAR UNION- MEETING OF GUARDIANS.- The elected board held its first meeting in the board room of the workhouse, on Saturday last. The lot is in extent 5,485 acres, and there being an advance it was knocked down at 12,000 for the venders. The police returned to barracks after six o'clock on Monday morning, and not having observed any body of people, as they had reason to suspect. POF has 0 tolerance for users who are rude, upload fake pictures, married, use sexual language in their first email, upload nude photos or break our terms of service in any way. You may also be deleted if you accumulate a high number of blocks.

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Executive head, Durand Academy, London Borough of Lambeth.

Chair, John Lewis Partnership and Chair, UK Commission for Employment and Skills. (Newbury, Berkshire)Professor David Harry Metcalf, CBE.

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