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While most media organisations minimised the incident – suggesting the singer overreacted – or described the show as hilarious, women’s rights organisation Non Una Di Meno tweeted: “Sexual violence is never something to laugh at!

” Many comments on the TV show’s Facebook page, which shared the clip, echoed this sentiment, calling out the “prank” as “disgusting”.

“Harassment is never hot, it’s harassment,” one woman wrote, in Italian. The laughter of the audience and guests is pathetic.

Too bad that even the woman directly concerned has not remained aware of the seriousness of what she experienced.” The woman, whose comment had been liked dozens of times, said she feared the programme normalised harassment.

“Everyone is already in Slack all day and it’s the easiest to set up,” says Eric Willis, who started a Slack group for the startup discovery app Product Hunt.

Todd Kennedy, a 37-year-old CTO at a software startup, also uses the service–to talk with his wife, Julie. And it’s always open.”This is a very odd way for someone to talk about enterprise software.

The couple created a fake company name, “The Kennedys,” to sign up for the two-member Slack chat that has replaced i Message for them as the way they discuss everything, from coordinating childcare to potential Ikea purchases. Occasionally a consumer-facing product like Dropbox expands into the workplace, but rarely do people bring tools designed for their companies into their personal lives. Users have appropriated the platform for extracurricular use cases like staying in touch with groups of friends, backchanneling at events, and creating chat rooms around interests like books or entrepreneurship–or dating.

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