Dating the neighbor Sexchat couples free

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C., she considered dating a neighbor, but was talked out of it by a friend.

She reminded me about the possibility of things getting sticky if the person turned out to be a jealous type of individual or unstable," said Hunt.

These types of relationships do happen, but are they a good thing?

It's like this guy's value went up when word got out that I had slept with him.

You’ll have the benefit of walking down the hall to see your boyfriend or girlfriend if you date your neighbor. Only 34 percent of survey respondents said they’d date someone who lives an hour away, and the number only decreases as the commute lengthens.

Common interests: Since you and that neighbor live in the same area, you may have common interests.

Adding home or work into the mix is never a good idea.

If nothing else, the prospect of the relationship ending is reason enough to rethink dating someone with whom you share such close quarters.

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