Property data updating description

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For a "determinate" progress indicator in a toast notification, an app needs to keep on updating the status and value of it using notification data binding, another new feature that will be demonstrated later in the post.

Note: Mobile does not support the progress indicator as part of the Creators Update, but support will come in a future Windows release.

The available data types are listed in section Data Types. Adding an item will fail when there already is an item with the same id. Data Set(); // subscribe to any change in the Data Set data.on('*', function (event, properties, sender Id) ); // add an item data.add(); // triggers an 'add' event data.update(); // triggers an 'update' event data.remove(1); // triggers an 'remove' event is provided, this id will be passed with the triggered event to all subscribers.

The function returns an array with the ids of the added items. The method will throw an Error when an item with the same id as any of the added items already exists. Syntax: The method ignores removal of non-existing items, and returns an array containing the ids of the items which are actually removed from the Data Set.

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Note: The new feature(s) covered in this post are available to Windows Insiders running build 15007 or newer.Remember, if a property doesn't yet exist, you can create a new custom property through the API by using the 'Create Property' method.You must include the property name in the URL that you're using to make the request.This property name can only include lower case letters and numbers, and MUST start with a lower case letter.Also, the name of the property that you include in your URL here MUST be identical to the property name that you include in the JSON request body (seen below)This is JSON that represents the new data for the property that you're updating.

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