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i been a user for about 6 months never had any issues with the site before until Thursday this week when they decided to shut my account down without any reason i was just sending a simple reply to another member it was a polite clean and respectful message the moment i hit the send button it closed my account what is worse is they never give a reason and when you contact them they never respond the only thing i can think of is my IP address might be an issue as i had issues with google but i just do a human check no problem why is it dateinasia are so strict its not their users fault if their IP is marked bad its down to the ISP not the damn user i tried their new site all was fine until i sent a simple reply to someone yes as simple as Hi there how are you hit send got closed what annoy me even more is they have a lot of bad users on that site with multiple accounts rude members and those looking for money hell i even was asked by a girl if i wanted to meet her and her 4 friends for a hot night of cause they are seeing money and this is one of the strict rules this site has is to keep it clean from people like that yet those are still online or easily making new profiles yet an innocent message like i send they just close my account how screwed up is that i tried to open an account, email verified phone verified, I used the account maybe half an hour just to see profiles, then I tried to send a like to one profile, and my account was closed. had a descent photo and descent conversations with other members. Yup, so what other reviewers said about this website are all true. I had my first account closed by admin for no reason, I'm being honest and serious to find my future true love in the site, to my dismay, The system deleted my account, It made me feel so sad as I have someone ongoing for a "getting to know each other " and so I created a new account that only last a few days they closed it again before I get connected with the guy that I was chatting before they closed the first one, and so for the third time created again and the name of the account is lovefinder_16 but they then closed it, and now, just right now I created the forth times, and I named it [email protected]'m so disappointed as I'm not even yet finish posting my information, then again they closed it, So stupid arrogant dumbass this $#*! Maybe they favorated scammers to stay in their sites and blocking sincere heart whom is faithful to look for their future true love. i tried to create an account as someone has set up a fake profile using my boyfriend's picture when i know full well it isn't him. I went to create an account as i said and it immediately got deleted before i'd even had a chance to report the fake profile. They closed my account for no reason, I broke none of their rules. Don't bother creating a profile because what ever time and effort you put into it will be lost.

read from other forums that they have your ip address so you can not register another one using the same ip address. Am I to seriously believe a attractive 19 year old is going to want to date a 45 yr old man? I closed my account, then tried to start a new account. I'm not a scammer or whatever and my proficiency in the English language is waaay more better than the other girls on your site. How come the good people are the one's who get kicked out of the system and the scammers get to stay? You'll probably never know why your account was deleted. Right after I sent it I got a screen saying that my profile has been deleted.

The main reason why Datein was created was to connect foreigners with local Asian single people.

The website is most prominent with Filipinos and Thais, yet it has active members originating from other countries in Asia including Japan, China and Singapore.

tried to register another name but still to no avail. There is more scammers, ladyboys and fake accounts than real women. I found out that I couldn't change my user name, so I'd need to start a new account. As I'm swiping up on my phone, my finger hits the like button on a profile. But that was before you deleted my account for no reason. Fugly's, single moms, hookers, scammers.real lady's. After one day I went to respond to one of my emails and sent a very nice note back to the person.

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Most of the comments seem to revolve around scammers and gold diggers.

These alternative free sites are simple, with limited features but a high turnover.

Date In by comparison is a well organized, friendly, highly popular site.

Date In's appearance seems to be designed to appeal to females more than males, and the tag line "Love Knows No Borders" suggests romance and marriage, though people come here for all types of relationships.

The demographic here seems to be mostly South East Asia, particularly the Phillipines, and boasts more than a million registered members, so there's a good chance of getting a date.

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