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She had followed a well-worn script when she and Dan met in 2001: beautiful young Filipina meets old but rich Western man.Yet even as she went through the paces of partnering with him, Leonor found herself wanting to rewrite the script—and Dan’s betrayal became her chance to try again.For the next 15 years, Dan provided her with a more comfortable life than she could have expected, but one where her own needs always took second place.

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Thanks to the magic of technology, couples in long-distance relationships can still have some quality face time. Let Skype provide visuals that phone calls and text messages can’t. You may trust him/her now, but if the relationship doesn’t last, those images might — and come back to haunt you.

So, because of the fact that so many women are becoming aware of the idea that they can use their gorgeous figure to make some money, many of these stunning beauties are becoming webcam models, and why shouldn’t they?

When you wrap your head around how many babes are actually becoming webcam models, it isn’t hard to understand that finding a perfect match for a webcam session may come as a difficult task.

A self-described wellness expert, Dan first claimed to be treating the young woman for a stomach ailment, before admitting they’d been having an affair.

Divorce is illegal and socially taboo in the Philippines, but Leonor realized she would have to leave her husband.

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