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Even if this means less record sales in the long run, I’m confident the Grobanites will ensure Josh has no problem putting bread on the table for the rest of his career.Speaking of Grobanites, they came out of the woodwork when I tweeted about my upcoming review!He attended Longwood University for a short time and then after a brief stint studying musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, he moved to San Diego from Virginia.

I read an article recently that I think really portrays his humility and addresses the genre confusion.

Last night when I logged into my Blogger account I noticed a layout upgrade that I figured I should do since the blog hasn't changed too much over the past year.

Unfortunately, while reformatting I lost most of my html and template design so I've been fixing it up little by little today.

When I was asked to review the Josh Groban concert in Minneapolis, my first thought was honestly “popera.” I’ve always thought Josh Groban is extremely talented (both vocally and instrumentally) but being a self-proclaimed hipster musically, I may have turned my nose up a bit to his work.

I was able to delve deeper into his music over the past week and began to have a much greater respect for him.

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