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Lotts is a social media star in the truest sense of the word.

She is one of a growing number of independent, live streaming video personalities who can make thousands of dollars in just a few hours broadcasting mostly unremarkable acts for a captive internet audience. Lotts is a cam girl, part of a booming at-home workforce made up of young women -- and a few men -- who are upending the adult entertainment industry and social media at the same time.

MFC can also be used as a substitute for nonrenewable materials such as plastics, metals and chemicals.

God's gift of Life is way more than just a "social issue." Plus, find out how legislators in your district voted on legislation related to the Sanctity of Life.

Join concerned Nova parents and many more on Tuesday, January 12th, in Nova gymnasium to learn what Title IX & Minnesota state law require.

For us it creates a range of new opportunities." "With MFC, you can make a more durable, lighter, high-quality packaging product out of less raw material, more efficiently," says Lif.

Material efficiency means the degree to which one is capable of producing a given amount of product out of a given amount of raw material.

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