Victoria is dating changmin of dbsk

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or some other cute moments that mean many things for me. just to shut up the haters and the one who still believes that them dating is just a conspiracy theory of sm LONG LIVE BAEKYEON!I don't know why I really ship and sure they will be together, maybe I like the couple for no reason, but I believe that, everything can be changed by the destiny. i honestly wish baekhyun and taeyeon will get married in the future if they truly love each other.

Whether you think the scandals are completely baseless or sprouted from a grain of truth, we want to know, which rumored idol pair, past and present, you think secretly dated in real life.Although many fans refused to believe even a second of it, there were some alleged proofs that caused a confusing riot between the public.The heart shaped ring that both idols wore were posed in the similar time frame of the idols’ trip out to Paris for a fashion show.He made his debut as TVXQ's youngest member in December 2003.Changmin was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea to a Buddhist family.

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