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Instead, you keep the same amount of debt but pay it off in a different way.

Depending on your personal situation, debt consolidation comes with both pros and cons.

Adding 5-10 monthly credit card bills can overwhelm your bill-pay. Going on vacation or having a hectic few days can result in several late payments and hundreds of dollars in fees.

Nonprofit credit consolidation companies provide you with the convenience of making one monthly payment to help you become debt free.

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Keep in mind that this is different from debt settlement in that you’re not negotiating a new amount owed.The star rating below is based on’s review of each organization’s fees, transparency, Better Business Bureau rating and complaint history.Company Description In Charge is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that specializes in credit counseling and debt management programs.Maybe you carry multiple credit card balances on top of having a high-interest personal loan.Or maybe you have a loan with an adjustable rate and your payments are starting to rise each month, making your budget more and more uncomfortable.

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