Asp net self validating textbox

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That causes the get Element By ID() javascript function to fail because id's staring with _'s are not valid).

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The style will look something like below Note how the trigger uses Relative Source to bind back to it's own Text Property.NET, you could very well use the concept of Data triggers in WPF.One of the key benefits triggers offer is that they can be effectively managed within the XAML without usually requiring much of procedural code. is there any special option i should set on my calendar control properties ? Why don't all validation controls fire on the first submission and why is there some sort of queue it appears i... Net 2.0, I am unable to use any properties/functions(even the public ones) of the user control's User control's from another user control. Are you making this ...getting today's date to appear on the web calendar control try as I have i cannot get the today's date displayed at the bottom of my web calendar control. This time, some of the rest of the validation controls fire (again, not all yet).

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