Oracle triggers if updating performance com committed dating

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Oracle 11g offers a new twist on triggers, the compound trigger, a trigger that can act both before and after an update, insert or delete has occurred.

Written By: Guy Glantser 25/01/2013 Most DBAs and developers don’t like triggers. There are several reasons, but when I ask people why they don’t like triggers, the answer that I hear the most is performance.

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Instead you can check to see what columns are updated in the body of the trigger by using the UPDATING ('column_name') clause.We can test the triggers UPDATE functionality by using tests such as the following: Naturally, other triggers in place on the ENROLLED_CLASSES table might cause errors.If there are other triggers for the table, you should test your trigger alone first so that any internal errors can be isolated quickly.Based on what we know about the trigger that we just wrote, tests such as the following should be run to test the INSERT functionality of the trigger: At this point, we have created three new classes and three new students, and successfully registered two of the three new students for a class.Now, we have to test the UPDATE functionality of the trigger.

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