Dating owens illinois glass bottles

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It says the worker reached inside the machine to retrieve a fallen neck ring when the bottle mould was closed, which was usually a safe activity, but the mould opened and crushed the worker's hand against a shaft for several minutes.The ministry says the worker required surgery and ultimately sustained a permanent injury.The color is derived from a combination of the natural impurities in glass (iron and manganese) and chemical additives, like carbon, nickel, and sulfur.

The bottle's shape, label, color, and markings tell you how old it is and where it originated. Don't look for the traditional pontil marks on glass milk bottles since most American milk bottles were produced around 1870s, after the period of using mouth blown bottles. The scar from the glass blowers rod when it was removed from the glass bottle is called a pontil.

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I’ve been slowly cleaning them and planning several posts about the contents of that wonderful box.

First, I wrote about how to clean them, and today I’m going to chat a bit about the amber-colored bottles from the box.

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