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Is the house, the still with frank sweeney and taylor swift.

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That's why we've put together a handy Do's and Don't's guide for roommate romance. Adam found this out the hard way when his drunken smash sessions not only creeped out Nany, but got him booted from the house. It's hard to get a relationship going if you can't even get yourself to call it one. DO Have Safe Sex: Sin City strikes again, this time from the first season.She caught the first ball, a yellow ball, and picked Jon and Sabrina as the first team on Endurance.Afterward, Ashley caught the blue ball and paired Jonna and Aaron on the Blue Team.All these pointers were pulled from the best sources possible: failed relationships from past seasons. DON'T Keep Your Skeletons In The Closet: Las Vegas' Dustin and Heather seemed like they were going to be Sin City's model couple...until Heather discovered Dustin's porn secret from someone other than him (er, it was her mother! Trishelle and Steven hopped into bad faster than bunny rabbits.The pair was so busy getting busy that they often forgot protection, and that led to a pregnancy scare. DON'T Go For Multiple Roomies: Do yourself a favor and limit your in-house fraternizing to one person.

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