Accommodating work schedules to nonwrok commitments

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Federal Solutions for Israel, the Palestinians, and Jordan ...

Substantial ethnic homogeneity in the nineteenth century United States did not ...

for the icg (“ethiopia: ethnic federalism and its discontents”, african report no.

the proliferation of parties enables coalitions of similarly situated ethnic parties (nigeria, india) across the state.

does the evidence also indicate, as some critics suggest, that ethnic or multi-national federalism will not work in any circumstances?

they are affected by changing economic circumstances, international developments, changing expectations of groups, and manipulation of ethnic sentiments by political or religious leaders.

Chapter 3 Partial Asymmetry and Federal Construction: Accommodating Diversity in the ... A federal structure of the state has the potential to accommodate the legitimate aspirations of all ...

Federalism is considered as a means to live with cultural diversity. solution to ethnic and other forms of intrastate conflict.

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Series: National and Ethnic Conflict in the 21st Century ...

Nevertheless, autonomy solutions have been increasingly proposed as a remedy to separatist ...

Recently, a swiss academic educated in the us worried that ethnically-based autonomy in iraq may heighten, rather than reduce the risks of gross human rights violations, especially for members of ethnic minorities living under the rule of the majority government in a federal unit (wimmer: 2003-4 123).

In an atmosphere of democratic political culture, mutual tolerance, and the sincere wish to live together in peace with other ethnic groups".

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