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Ryan was attracted to Gillian from the start, and what started as his helping Kelsey land Scott turned into Ryan trying to help himself to a piece of Gillian.

It was just fun and games, though, and he and Gillian both enjoyed the double entendres and heavy flirtation that ensued.

Ashley Conrad was the matriarch of Temptation Lane for 30 years and then all of a sudden WHACK! Undeterred, he asks how she knew about shippers and Beckett reminds him that it is common knowledge anyone can read anywhere.

Mandy Bronson: We wrapped at six, then I went straight home. I drew a bath, poured a glass of wine, put on a little John Legend, then I slipped into my silk robe and let the bubbles soak every inch of my body. He next asks Beckett how she knew about Foxcan and she says a uniformed officer told her.

Reese leads Castle and Beckett into Sara’s office and tells them Foxcanlover’s real name is Carrie Edwards.

She told him off but good and personally I think he needed to hear it.

Colby was kidnapped and held hostage by JR's maniacal girlfriend that he thought he could talk down from her mania.

Colby called him out on his ego, his belief that he could get Annie under control, how the family business is going down the tubes under his leadership and the how the family is falling apart.

Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Liza) Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Greenlee) Emma Mc Dermott (daughter; with Annie) (conceived via artificial insemination) Spike Lavery (son; with Kendall; born 2006) (conceived via artificial insemination) Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Annie) Sara Erin Lavery (daughter with Madison; deceased) Kelsey Jefferson (a "pretend" affair to make Scott Chandler jealous) Hayley Vaughan Greenlee Smythe Gillian Andrassy Martin (deceased) Rosette Opal Cortlandt (kissed) Liza Colby (lovers; Aug 13, 2001) Mia Saunders (lovers) Kendall Hart (lovers) Kendall Hart (engaged: Jan 27, 2004) Julia Santos (flirtation; deceased) Greenlee Smythe [engaged: Jan 2, 2009] Erica Kane (lovers) Madison North (dated) Numerous cons; never convicted Set up a "kickback" scam to bilk WRCW advertisers out of money Arrested and pleaded guilty to raping Kit Fisher; charges dropped Ran from the law Adultery with Gillian Andrassy Martin Stole a porcelain egg from Chandler Mansion; sold it to buy a motorcycle Blackmail; threatened J. Gloria, a former con artist herself, saw right through him -- that he hadn't even been on the bus -- and warned him to drop the act or else.

Dimitri was admitted that night, injured after being trapped under a tree.

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