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Jenny casually gyrates on a guy wearing a straw hat, while a woman in a masquerade mask is paraded in front of the group by a man in a Cupid costume, complete with saggy white briefs. When it premiered in 1995, it was nothing like any show that had preceded it. The setup was simple, but seemingly supersized: 50 men compete for a chance to go on a date with one woman, and 50 women compete for a date with one man.

Dates as we know them first became popular about a hundred years ago, when courtship rituals moved outside the home and into the public arena.

It's 1997, and Jenny Mc Carthy appears behind a crowd of several dozen men in an MTV studio, wearing a tan lace-up shirt and grabbing her own ass. To understand dating-as-sport TV, we have to start with the date itself.

You're confined to the house from the moment you've arrived., you're allowing [the producers] to take away your freedom, basically, for as long as you're on the show.When you go through casting, they confine you to a hotel room.I'll just say this though: There were times where I wanted to do something and I knew that the producers would like that idea, and I'd be like, "Hey I wanna do this; let's make it happen."And then they'd be like, "All right.", the producers don't gossip like that. " And then they'll probably talk you into that idea.They don't start drama, and they really don't insinuate that other things are happening behind your back. They'll take an emotion you're feeling and then try to work with that to their own advantage — they encourage you, but they make it seem like it's your own idea.

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