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It's definitely going to take the shine off a little.'My own view is that despite the twists and turns of this increasingly surreal campaign, Corbyn will struggle to significantly exceed the 31 per cent Ed Miliband achieved in 2015, while Theresa May is locked in with about 45 per cent of the vote.Anything less than a Conservative majority in excess of 100 seats would be surprising. As someone voting Tory in a General Election for the first time, and who's spent over two years chronicling Corbyn's slow, cold asphyxiation of his once great party, it should come as a relief to me. This General Election has been the most depressing of my life.The chances of the gun firing are based on how many previous shots have been fired.Also of course how many bullets have been placed in the revolvers cylinder before the Russian roulette game has begun.The roulette part of this games name refers to the revolver’s cylinder looking similar to a roulette wheel.

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I haven't found a single person - not one - who believes the 'Labour surge' is real.It’ curious that such a dangerous game may have emanated from the land of the Cossacks. Only the merest mention exists within Russian Literature as a point of reference.The weak literary reference is from Mikhail Lermontov in his 1840 "The Hero of Our Time". His description of the game offered only a fleeting reference.A FORMER firefighter has accused the county council of playing Russian Roulette in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.Tony Morris - from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Stop the Cuts - made the claim after a West Sussex County Council meeting on Friday.

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