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With 353,690 square kilometers of land area (32% of the country), Oromiya represents the largest regional State [1].

The CSA estimate of 28,067,000 people for July 2008 [2] indicates that its population size is also the largest. The Oromo represent the majority ethnic group in Oromiya (85%), and in the country at large.

Childrens Rhymes and songs are often used to scary effect in horror movies. During afternoon tea, there’s a shift in the air, a bone-trembling chill that tells you she’s there. Parents who have children dear, And others who have none, If you want to keep them safe and sound Please keep them safe at home.

“Oh no,” said Merricat, “you’ll poison me.” Merricat, said Connie, would you like to go to sleep? Dead men, dead men, swinging in a tree How many dead men do you see? Six feet long and six men wide Around their necks the noose is tied. The first one killed the butcher man Then cooked him in a frying pan Served him to his hungry guests And gave them seconds on request The next one with his smile and sweets Stole poor children off the streets To men who dressed unsavory He sold them into slavery Dead men, dead men, swinging in a tree How many dead men do you see?Nearly 4 million are residents of urban areas giving an urbanization rate of 13.8% - slightly below the national average.Their percentage proportion has been estimated variously at 30% and higher (up to 40% of the country’s total) but the mid-way estimate (above) seems to be closer to the real proportion.

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