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Firstly, there is no such idea as someone being perfect for you.Seems to me that the only thing you find “perfect” about her is her behind. Your school does not judge the type of person you are.She can be a rude, mean and disrespectful person attending that nice school you spoke of, but how would you know if your only concern is her behind?Maybe you should get to know her and actually become friends and if possible go on dates with her before claiming someone to be “perfect” for you because her butt is just a body part, and a few interactions isn't enough to say you know someone. Dating in the big city is hard enough as is without certain odds being stacked against you.I’m a young, Black, dark-skinned woman with puffy natural hair, unconventional style, a big butt, and a bright smile (don’t listen to Bell Biv Devoe, you can trust me). And like most people, I happen to have a type I’m attracted to, and it falls somewhere between Joe Manganiello and Cam clearly doesn't want fans to keep up with her relationships.But, if you're dying to know more about the brunette beauty's love live then you're not alone.

In fact, the two stars were photographed together in Paris again earlier this year — and they just seemingly confirmed their relationship at the 2017 Met Gala!These mating preferences are thought to have been passed down across generations and still influence what men are attracted to today on some primal level.In a new study just published in the journal The researchers hypothesized that the shape of a woman’s buttocks is a meaningful cue to female fertility; however, it is not the overall mass of the buttocks that is important, but rather the degree to which it protrudes from the body in response to curvature of the spine.Kendall’s booty was exposed in a sheer, black La Perla dress — and A$AP literally couldn’t keep his hands off of her.It definitely seems like things are heating up between the couple — which is a drastic change since last month when a source revealed that Kendall wasn’t looking to settle into a relationship just yet.

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