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Not a didactic one, mind you, but a Rick Steves one.In short, Steves wants Americans to get over themselves. “Everybody should travel before they vote,” he has written.It was revealed, in the course of a Jerry Reinsdorf interview the other day, that the Chicago Cubs gave Chicago White Sox manager Rick Renteria a World Series ring.Renteria, of course, managed the Cubs for one season — in 2014 — and was fired when Joe Maddon became available after exiting his contract with the Rays.Indeed, The Song of Solomon offers timeless and clear insights on romance, dating, marriage, and sex.

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Which Maddon did, far more quickly than most expected. You can’t stay in any of the great boutique hotels in Paris, London or Rome anymore because they are booked by Americans who have studied Steves’ guidebooks like Sanskrit scholars.Nor can you find solitude in cafes in pastoral Austria or Switzerland because they are peopled with Steves’ tours.Norberg is somehow totally out of time and space, a tiny forgotten Swedish town with a rich industrial heritage dating back as far as the 6th century, where iron ore mining once used to be the main activity and provided jobs for most of the inhabitants up until 1981, when it was no longer deemed profitable.After the depression kicked in and life slowly disappeared, Norbergfestival has put the town back on the map, starting in 1999.

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