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Mary's County having been founded in 1637 and the majority of the other counties organized before the Revolution.

Baltimore City, its charter dating back to 1797, was originally a municipal corporation in Baltimore County. 25 - sets out the general power and limitations of the Commission form of government. Powers of Commission: Legislative and executive powers are granted directly by the General Assembly to the elected Board of Commissioners.

Even though Maryland law states that self-help evictions are illegal, the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the landlords, based on a law of English origin dating back to 1381.

Despite this 600-year-old obscurity, Maryland typically comes down hard on landlords who practice self-help evictions, so it’s not a good idea to take the law into your own hands.

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Prior to 1948, all county governments followed the commission form. These are laws passed by the General Assembly and which affect one or more of the counties.

The opinion might seem superfluous, but for those couples struggling in an unfaithful marriage, the opinion is important when it comes to filing for divorce.

A spouse, including one from a same-sex couple, clearly can now file for divorce over adultery, which is one of several fault-based grounds for divorce under Maryland law.

To clear up a murky area of state law, Maryland Attorney General Brian E.

Frosh has written a legal opinion that says cheating by spouses in same-sex marriages can also be considered adultery.

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