Dating security clearance

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12 FAM 262 - Security Awareness and Contact Reporting has been updated to clarify certain aspects of the 2001 version.

government sources of a Chinese role in the cyber attack, including possible state sponsorship, could further strain ties between Washington and Beijing. official said the breach was being investigated as a matter of national security, meaning it may have originated from a foreign government. In addition, the State Department said in a memo to its employees that most of them had not been exposed to the breach because their data was not housed on the hacked OPM systems.Classified information secured within federal agencies can yield grave consequences if exposed to conflicting entities. You will need to submit proof of your citizenship, such as your U. passport or your birth or naturalization certificate at the time you apply for your clearance.To reduce the likelihood of unauthorized exposure, federal agencies require all candidates for security clearances to hold U. If you are in the naturalization process, you must wait until your process is complete prior to applying.You must be employed or sponsored by a federal entity to obtain a security clearance.Only the federal government is authorized to issue security clearances.

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