Intimidating a police officer

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A witness in a federal civil rights suit against the Rochester Police Department says he's been the subject of harassment and intimidation by police.Pedro Luis De Jesus of Remington Street says that patrol cars have been parking outside of his house and following him around, and that officers have been pointing and making gestures that he feels are meant to be threatening."My family is scared and I'm real scared that they'll do something to me," De Jesus said Wednesday.City News has identified the suspect as Andrew Henry, who now faces nine charges.Pugash told City News the Taser use was justified, and that the suspect had an officer's hand in his mouth.“He wouldn’t disengage and that’s why they Tasered him a second time," Pugash told City News.

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However, if you feel endangered, you are within your rights to ask the police officer to accompany you to the nearest police station to do the search.

His lawyer, Charles Burkwit, said officers used a Taser under Bryant's arm, pepper-sprayed him and struck him while they held him to the ground.

He suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured orbital bone in his face.

The searched plates actually belonged to a person who accompanied Samuel Olivo’s ex-wife to court on the protection from abuse charge. “Incidences of domestic violence are extremely high in the law enforcement community, and when it’s coupled with an individual that wants to use his police officer access for witness intimidation it becomes nothing short of criminal.” Jermias Olivo resigned from the force in June 2014.

“Officer Jermias Olivo used his position as a Philadelphia Police Officer to obtain information that he was not authorized to have, especially since it had nothing to do with official business — which is deplorable,” D. He was charged with two counts of unlawful use of computer and other computer crimes; intimidation of a witness or victim; and harassment.

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