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Pick one thing on his profile and make fun of him for it.

Did he really need to have his shirt off at that block party? Type this sentence verbatim: "So, where should we get that drink?

This is tough to say, as the author only uses himself as an example and there's no hard evidence given as to the results he achieved or whether it has worked for other people who tried it.

In theory it makes sense that it would work to some extent, but it may take longer than what the book suggests to see your desired results.

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Rudy Haynes has put together Deep Voice Mastery based on what he claims he used to go from a high-pitched voice to a deep, masculine voice.

But how do I know you’re not actually a crazy cat lady who stays in all weekend to watch Bravo 24/7?

Early nights in bed before 9pm aside, what is your ideal weekend like?

Something that would have you eye-rolling, like, "Why is someone as hot as you looking for a date? " At this point, he's hooked — people cannot resist a mystery. " tell him it was a test that he failed, but he can make up for it by buying you a drink.8. Would You Rather or Fuck Marry Kill are fun ways to start a flirty conversation/suss out mutual enemies, and can almost always get a little dirty if you want them to.9.

"What's the best movie/book/meal you saw/read/ate in the past year?

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