My cup of tea dating

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"This is like another home besides home," Sanders said.Orange Mound, once a neighborhood built on pride, has fallen on hard times.Sending random texts spilling my heart is kind of my thing.But I’ve noticed that there’s someone specific who I don’t seem to give that same treatment to–me.And although that in and of itself is a testament to who I am, it is not their duty to remind me of the quality I possess. So while their genuine gestures are extremely welcomed and treasured, it’s time I take a moment to build myself up the same way I am so eager to do for those I love.

June 13, 2017 - (Left to right) Doris Sanders, Danyelle Parker, Phyllis Hubbard, and April Powell work inside My Cup of Tea, a small business of tea packaging and distribution that has become a social enterprise in Orange Mound.Gallagher sparked the "debate" when he spoke up in defence of ex-East 17 singer Brian Harvey in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live shortly after scooping an NME Brat Award on Monday night.Harvey was sacked by his fellow band-members earlier this month, after making comments about drugs which led to radio stations banning his group and condemnation from the Prime Minister.There are plenty of British stereotypes that we’re used to hearing.We are always with the Queen (personally, I prefer to call her Lizzie), we loudly proclaim ‘Ello Guvnor!

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