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You can all let your imagination run wild with dating ideas, but here’s a guide you can go by: A Dozen Roses: Red, beautiful, romantic … Who would have imagined that over 70% of the gifts given by Generous members so far on Whats Your is the rose. Airplane Tickets: If your date is a long distance one, and you’re willing to pay for her airplane tickets, this gift would serve perfectly.

it sends a powerful message of love and admiration. Perhaps you’re looking for a travel companion, or you’d like to communicate a life with you would be filled with fun, adventure and excitement of travel to exotic places?

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This being the case, you will need to discard some of your less preferred date gifts.

Bring this little innocuous package along to your date with the purpose of asking as the night is winding down, "Can I treat you to a bit of ice cream before we part ways?

" You'll even be able to offer your date a choice of flavors: neapolitan, mint chocolate chip, or chocolate chocolate chip.

So you’ve been dating some time and it’s time to start rolling out the gifts to your significant other to show how much you care.

If money is no object to you; you’ve probably already gift wrapped that Tiffany bracelet or tickets to the Maldives; but what if you really care and yet your wallet isn’t quite working with you?

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