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An earlier study had shown that children with Tourette syndrome show enhanced cognitive control over their motor outputs and that the degree of their enhancement is inversely related to tic severity.

Those findings offered the first indication that control over motor and vocal tics might be something that could be trained.

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Contrary to intuition, people who suffer from the motor and vocal tics characteristic of Tourette syndrome actually perform behavioral tests of cognitive motor control more accurately and quickly than their typically developing peers do.

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Recently, the largest randomized controlled trail of “non-medical” treatments for TS to date, indicated that CBIT is both effective and durable in the reduction of tics (Piacentini et. It is believed that CBT induces cerebral changes (e.g.

reduced cortical activation related to inhibition of responses) that leads to improved motor performance and related brain activity.

Studies, dating back to 1973, have demonstrated the effectiveness of Habit Reversal Therapy, the backbone of CBIT, in reducing the frequency and severity of tics. al, 2011) now also shows the presence of neurological changes associated with cognitive behavior therapy.

She will also provide adults some tips on having age-appropriate discussions about discrimination, and how parents and teachers can serve as positive role models in promoting tolerance.

Watch Here Dating can be hard enough as it is, but when you're a teenager or young adult living on the autism spectrum, it can be even harder.

Even before these impressive EEG findings, Cook & Blacher, 2007 concluded that habit reversal training “met criteria necessary for classification as a probably efficacious treatment” based on the rigorous evidence-based criteria established by an American Psychological Association’s Division 12 Task Force. CBIT consists of three basic components each of which may vary depending on the age of the person and nature of the tics.

The most integral component is habit reversal training.

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