Linq to sql view not updating

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In addition to the steps for displaying the data from the table, the steps for binding data to a LINQ query are also provided.

Finally, the steps for using stored procedures to replace the default LINQ to SQL logic for sending updates from the entity classes to the database are provided.

Examples include the following: - An object not queried through the current Data Context (such as a newly created object).- An object created through deserialization- An object queried through a different Data Context.

For more information, see After you add the new LINQ to SQL file to the project, the empty design surface opens, displaying two separate panes.

The pane on the left is the entities pane, where entity classes are displayed and configured.

I added a new column to a table in the database and couldn't seem to get these changes reflected in my Entity Data Model using Entity Framework 4.

There is a function I can use in the context menu called "Update Model from Database..." but that seems overkill.

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