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New - reset the editing to start creating new image map; Save - save current state; Load - load saved state; Load from html - load map areas from existing HTML code; Rectangle - create rectagular map area; Circle - create circular map area; Polygon - create polygonal map area; Edit - enable/disable map editing mode to modify the existing areas; HTML code - show HTML code for image map created; Preview - enable/disable map preview mode to test the image map created; Clear - delete all map areas created; Help - show help information.

With the help of our generator creating html imagemaps is free and easy.

However, traceroute does not always show the actual route.

The result may be influenced by firewalls, flawed implementation of IP-stacks, Network Address Translation and IP tunnels.

Every time a host forwards a packet, it decrements the TTL value of the packet by one.

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More information Reverse DNS Use Visual Route to perform a reverse DNS lookup.Parallel to the traceroute query, locations of the nodes are also determined and represented on the map.Click on Toolbar to select an option you would like to use.Hop by hop analysis makes it easy to pin point problem areas.Reverse trace (remote agents) One of the most powerful features of Visual Route (Support Pro edition) is the ability to create remote agents.

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