Non jew dating a jewish man

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With a Jewish guy, you’re guaranteed nothing alien down south.

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They attended Penn State, fell in love, and after graduation, got engaged.Naturally, a person with as much money and power as Yair Netanyahu can easily circumvent the legal hurdles put in place to prevent miscegenation.But as a symbol of the state, the younger Netanyahu’s personal choices will be scrutinized and excoriated when they butt up against the third rail of Israeli society: racial/religious segregation or “hafrada.” In Israel, the only legally recognized wedding ceremonies are those approved by religious officials authorized by the state.And they’ll raise the kids with “both,” which means double the presents during the holiday season and that means that even the will be happy!And sure, it’s a mitzvah to not intermarry, but it’s not like this guy is observing so many mitzvos anyway if he were willing to marry her.

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