Backdating letter

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The existence and pervasiveness of these issues raise critical questions about Ocwen’s ability to perform its core function of servicing loans.” Notably, Ocwen has more than 2.8 million loans, to give a perspective on how small a percentage of Ocwen's portfolio this represents. Walter Investment (WAC) was down almost 6% and Nationstar Mortgage (NSM) was down a little more than 1% at p.m. Lawsky also alleges that Ocwen ignored internal voices that raised questions about the alleged practice.

Lawsky demanded in the letter that Ocwen must fix the record-keeping issues in its system immediately and that it must respond to all requests "promptly and accurately." If the Department decides that Ocwen's system and processes cannot be trusted, it will "take whatever action is necessary to ensure that borrowers are protected," Lawsky wrote.

We are continuing to review the rest of the cases.” A full copy of the Lawsky letter can be read here.

“In many cases, borrowers received a letter denying a mortgage loan modification, and the letter was dated more than 30 days prior to the date that Ocwen mailed the letter,” Lawsky writes.

For working age people, from 1 April 2016 the Government has reduced the backdate period from 6 months to 1 month.

For older people the maximum period is still 3 months.

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