Who is dicaprio dating now

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"Leo invited Nina to Cannes and she hung out with him and his friends," the source says.

"Leo definitely courted Nina in the beginning -- she wanted to make sure she wasn’t just another one of his models.

The Oscar-winning actor, 41, has been dating 24-year-old Danish model Nina Agdal for the past two months, a source tells ET.

CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Leo has been linked to the Essex-born model "Roxy is a really sweet, caring normal girl.Until just now, I was under the impression that Leonardo Di Caprio, 42-year-old bag man and founding father of the Pussy Posse, suffered from a rare and incurable form of color-blindness that made it impossible for him to differentiate dark-haired women from the world around them.I imagined him bumping into brunettes and looking around, confused, unsure of what invisible mass had disturbed him from his vape.According to our source, things started to heat up between the attractive pair when they attended the Cannes Film Festival together in May.Interestingly enough, they were first linked together as far back as February 2014.

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