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Anti-social behaviour, intimidation, or noise from neighbours is a particular problem in areas of mixed housing provision, for example, where local authority houses are increasingly mixed with privately-owned houses or areas near colleges with student accommodation beside family homes.Up to now, any complaints had to be brought by individuals, who risked being intimidated or threatened for doing so.The laws will speed up and strengthen the board’s current system of dealing with anti-social behaviour and intimidation, which is seen as slow, bureaucratic, and lacking teeth.The changes will also mean people can avoid making complaints about their neighbours to gardaí, who can only act if a criminal offence is committed.

An order on conviction may be appropriate where someone has been convicted in court for an offence related to their intimidation or harassment of another person.There are neatly trimmed privet hedges, rose beds and top-of-the-range family cars parked outside all but one of the houses on this broad and leafy avenue in the outskirts of the North London commuter belt. To a cacophony of effing and blinding, a family of nine, packed like sardines into a dusty seven-seater people-carrier, pull up between the piles of rubbish and broken paving slabs on the driveway.In the peace and quiet of a summer’s evening, family life in Totteridge — where professional couples pay up to £1million for a substantial home a stone’s throw from good schools, shops, restaurants and trains direct to the city — appears to be a picture of idyllic suburbia. Little hands poke out of the windows with their middle fingers raised defiantly aloft.It is important that you report it and that you make a statement to the Gardaí about what is happening. If an incident is serious it should be reported immediately to the Gardaí.Consider mediation Especially if it is harassment in your neighbourhood, this non-confrontational approach may provide the best outcome for you.

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