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Animal Planet broadcasts a selection of reality TV shows alongside original documentaries focusing on stories from the animal kingdom and the connections between humans and animals. Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) is the first and only national Aboriginal broadcaster in the world, with programming by, for and about Aboriginal Peoples, to share with all Canadians as well as viewers around the world.

APTN provides up to 120 hours of programming a week in English, French and a number of Aboriginal languages.

here is my story I’m a California resident back in May 2017 I contracted with them for the bundle service internet phone and and tv, on their advertising flyer they offer a 0 gift card, free installation for getting the bundle package which I did, well the first mess was they had my address completely wrong, if I live in California why would I want this services in Wisconsin.

due to that I had no phone or internet or tv service for several days, when services were finally installed they were charging me installation fees, long story short this morning I receive a phone call from sunrise credit services to collect a debt when I ask them from who they said from DIRECTV, I ask them if there was any references about the type of debt the lady said unpaid bill from may, then I asked what address does appeared on the paper work she said an address in Wisconsin, totally stupid this guys charge me for services that I never receive because I don’t live in Wisconsin, its unbelievable that even after I talked to at least to five different representatives about the wrong address nobody was capable of correcting that error its a shame that ATT / DIRECTV been the company they are have this level of incompetence in their management offices.

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Direc TV requires installation of equipment outside the home, including but not limited to, a dish that may be attached to the roof or window of the home. Customers who wish to contact Direc TV by mail for customer service purposes can use the corporate mailing address. This website is dedicated to explaining the products, services and bundles offered by Direc TV.

Customer service options are available on the contact us page of the Direc TV website. If customer service is the reason for your visit to the Direc TV website, you can use the support link:

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When you send a customer service email, answers that may help you appear before you can send your email message.

Removing the Genie Lite will remove all Genie Mini (s) from your cart.

FOR EACH MONTH REMAINING IN AGMT., ACTIVATION, EQUIPMENT NON-RETURN & ADD'L FEES APPLY. Removing the Genie HD DVR will remove all Genie Mini (s) from your cart.

Originally known as the Arts and Entertainment Channel—broadcasting premier intellectual and artistic content, A&E has changed its format over the last decade to include an eclectic selection of reality TV shows alongside original miniseries and scripted dramas. A&E HD will bring your favourite programs to life with the superior image quality and widescreen cinematic picture that comes with HD. cable network ABC Family and focuses on programming primarily aimed at teenagers and preteens with additional general interest family programming. American Heroes Channel reveals the world of the military like never before, exploring incomparable courage and valor, stunning technology and important conflicts and turning points that shape our world.

Everything you love about A&E is only getting better! From the human face of battle to the critical strategic decisions and latest high-tech hardware, the American Heroes Channel takes viewers behind the lines and beyond the history books.

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