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Using U937/camptothecin (CAM) as a cellular model system for cell death, the immunoassay allows the specific detection of mono- and oligonucleosomes in the cytoplasmic fraction of 125cell equivalents/well.Anti-histone reacts with the histones H1, H2A, H2B, H3, and H4 of various species (e.g., human, mouse, rat, hamster, cow, opossum, Xenopus). Therefore, the ELISA allows the detection of mono- and oligonucleosomes from various species, and may be applied to measure apoptotic cell death in many different cell systems.Human activities associated with industrialisation have exacerbated Hg contamination, but we currently have no good historical records of how freshwater ecosystems responded to the delivery of anthropogenic Hg.Indeed, although freshwater fish Hg levels respond quickly to atmospheric Hg deposition (Harris et al., 2007), they leave no historical records except for the very few that can be found in museum specimens (Miller et al., 1972; Drevnick et al., 2007).We've put security measures in place to help protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control.We use procedural, physical and electronic security methods designed to prevent people who aren't authorized from getting access to this information.

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Both Hg cycling and bioaccumulation depend on microbial processes (Parks et al., 2013).

Using relaxed molecular clock models, we show a significant increase in the scaled effective population size of the mer A gene beginning ~200 years ago, coinciding with the Industrial Revolution and a coincident strong signal for positive selection acting on residues in the terminal region of the mercuric reductase.

This rapid evolutionary response of microbes to changes in the delivery of anthropogenic Hg indicates that microbial genomes record ecosystem response to pollutant deposition in remote regions.

Kryten and Rimmer discover a three-headed skeleton, but it appears to be a mutated human.

Meanwhile Lister and Cat find an unusual looking console, which, despite Lister's warnings, Cat fiddles about with.

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