Best dating city for men

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If you travel to Prague during summer season then the first thing you will notice is how touristy everything is.

I am not refering to the usual bunch of Japanese travel groups like you would see them in Wroclaw or anywhere else in the world.

The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard.

But if you’re single and looking, maybe the problem is the city, not you.

To find out the best cities for single heterosexual men, we sought out the answers to three questions: 1. We examined the ratio of unmarried men to unmarried women. People meet at bars, gyms and while hanging out outside.

I am not refering to lots of people buzzing around the major sights with their your way until you literally cannot move anymore.

No exaggeration here, during peak season the tiny lanes around Old Town Prague are as crowded, sweaty and suffocating as the first row of a rock concert.

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