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Leaving Good Voice Mails Have you ever called a girl for the first time, got her voicemail, and didn’t know what to say or if to even leave a message at all? It also depends on the girl to actually call back for the next step and that is BAD because girls practically NEVER call guys back even when they’re attracted to them. They almost NEVER take initiative on their end to call back, even if they like you. Anyway, you may be wondering what kind of message to leave.For you guys with our DVDs, “The Art of the Pickup”, it’s likely you are getting a lot more phone numbers than you’ve ever had before but are now running into the issue of follow-up and how to deal with the dreaded voicemail. for MOST guys it IS bad, but not for readers of TSB Magazine! For those few of you who actually got calls back after leaving such messages, I congratulate you on your ability to luck out on the lottery on a pure fluke. I wonder how many girls you waited on to call you back never did and then you gave up on them? You may think it takes an amazing story or magical words. All it takes is an easy-going tone and a few words: “Hey Bertha, it’s Bartholomew. I’ll try you again another time.” 9 times out of 10, I get called back within a few minutes.The dropdowns in your contact/phonebook allow you to redirect calls to either your cell phone or leave a voice mail in your POF inbox.3.

Personalize it with your name, the recipients name, number or email address and click send.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.As you can see on profiles with pictures and your emails there is now a option to reply with a Voicemail.1.The first example, which most men seem to get stuck on, gives away all mystery and sends the wrong vibe: “I am pursuing you, I am interested in you, please get back to me, I’m like every other guy, now the ball is in your court.” In MY version, there is no vibe of needy pursuit, an ambiguous interest, no specific request, and no similarity to all the other pathetic messages she gets from guys. Usually if I have to call back, my message is even SHORTER and MORE laid back: “Hey it’s me.It also keeps the control on my end because I don’t even ask her to call back, I vaguely state that I’ll try again “another time”. I’ll try again later.” Part of the killer aspect of this kind of voicemail is the creation of curiosity, but what really solidifies its effectiveness is the casual easy-going tone.

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