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I had no idea what I was in for this week, when I posted on the social networking site a screenshot of some emails from a couple of mums at my daughter, Ava’s, school.The messages, from a year ago, and circulated to all the parents in their children’s class, suggested that we donate some money to buy a group present for their daughters’ upcoming birthdays.

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Hopefully she has a teacher who can help with this as well as have the experience to know just when it is possible and necessary for her to learn correct finger positioning.

Instead of calling in sick from work, just follow these tips for clear skin in no time. 11 skin care mistakes you're making Text more often This might annoy your mom, but using your fingers to chat could save your skin.

Just think of all those oils, all that bacteria and all those germs on your i Phone.

Nasty as is sounds, bacteria can build up on your bed and your face rubs around on it for a good eight hours a night. If your skin is oily, change those sheets (or at least your pillowcases) twice a week.

It might be a pain, but isn’t a clear complexion worth it?

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