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Stop hacking and taking down our games"Right now the only crumb of consolation for some GTA 5 players has come from the rather ironic and slightly hilarious fact that "GTA Online" is well, offline.

Rockstar's support page is still showing the game as being down across all platforms and the Rockstar Social Club.

The Liberator is a novelty Vehicle delivered through Pegasus.

It typically spawns just outside Fort Zancudo after a delivery request.

Please check here for updates: GTA Online fans are a little miffed with the DDo S attack from Poodlecorp.

Players will be able to make all kinds of changes to the new vehicles, including parts of the engine.Please stay tuned here for updates: GTA 5 is down and there's a reason why the Rockstar game won't let you play online.It's because hacker group Poodle Corp, who last month took down Pokemon GO, has now claimed responsibility for causing connectivity issues currently affecting GTA 5.The only downside is that the vehicle CANNOT be modded at Los Santos Customs meaning any damage it takes is permanent!The Liberator is also available in single-player through Garages.

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